Name: Sam Grant

Birthplace: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Current citIES: LA + CHICAGO

One celebrity to photograph: THE GALLAGHER BROTHERS

One album to bring if you were to be stuck on an island? Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin

Inspired by: The weather (both good and bad), career opportunities, music and coffee.

One cuisine to live off for the rest of your life? Japanese. 

Favourite Photographer: Peter Lindbergh, ART STREIBER, Miller Mobley and Nadav Kander

Career highlight so far: Shooting for John Deere in india, Photographing VIRGIL ABLOH AT THE CHICAGO MCA and being the tour photographer for Brant Bjork.

Select Clients: John Deere, MCDONALDS, EXPRESS, ABERCROMBIE KIDS, MODERN LUXURY, Grainger, USG, viega, PENFOLDS, MJ Bale, Akubra and Cotton On Body.



+1 (312) 989-2567

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